We make investing effortless

United Gain Investment Limited

Integrity, innovation and commitment are the brand promises of United Gain Investment Limited. Founded in 2003, UGI aims to create an effortless experience of pursuing wealth and abundance for our valuable clients. UGI is founded by financial professionals with extensive experience in corporate finance, investment advisory and asset management. In the age of economic globalization, UGI possesses the cutting-edge technology of intelligence gathering and big data analysis, enabling us to make the right choice at the right time.

Focusing in the Greater China and Asia Pacific Region, UGI offers clients a unique blend of key financial elements and core company values through a unique pool of knowledge and proprietary investment techniques. In addition, UGI has a strong network of resources that can support and provide an all-in-one asset management total solution to our clients.

Currently, UGI manages portfolios for high net worth individuals and various private funds with a mixture of defined strategies, asset allocations as well as proprietary investment techniques. UGI is licensed under the provisions of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Ordinance to engage in type 4 (Advising on Securities) and 9 (Asset Management) of regulated activities.


UGI is founded by trustable financial professionals with uncompromising integrity in all our actions and to our clients.


We aim at creating a professional environment where innovation is encouraged.


With over 20 years of experience, we commit a life-long relationship to provide an all-in-one asset management solution to our clients.

Corporate Culture

Integrity, innovation, commitment as well as strong network of resources are the brand promises and winning edge of UGI. Our team is built on the mutual trust and respect of expertise. We create professional environment where innovation is encouraged and hard work and initiative are rewarded. We offer our team excellent remuneration package to recognize their contributions.

Our Core Values

・ Uncompromising integrity in all of our actions and to our clients.
・ Continuous improvement in all of our investment processes and procedures.
・ High levels of achievement and recognition of those achievements.
・ Trust in our co-workers and accountability for our decisions and actions.
・ Social responsibility and contributions to the communities where we operate.