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Asset Management

“Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Quotes.
UGI manages and advises on investments across all major asset classes in developed and emerging markets on behalf of institutional and private clients. With a focus in the Greater China and Asia Pacific Region, we specialize in hedge funds, equities, money markets and private equities. In addition, we provide independent advices on global custody, administration and trustee services.
With a sole goal of achieving absolute returns for our clients, UGI recommends and executes on the most appropriate investment strategy. Combining investment expertise with prudent risk management, we aim to provide clients with above-average return through:
- Special opportunities in equity or debt markets from strategic placements, LBOs, RTOs, and arbitrage in mispricing situations;
- Efficient execution of ideas through its global network of investment banks and other partners; and a safe custody of assets.

Investment Advisory
Rigour, insight and experience are fundamental to provision of sound investment advices. UGI develops a deep understanding of each client’s financial needs and provides a highly personalized financial strategy to meet its requirements. We tailor all aspects and recommendations, based on a sophisticated and yet well-defined disciplined approach.
More importantly, we believe that the key to successful investing globally is specialization in individual market, coupled with adherence to stringent investment disciplines and a global vision. We maintain local connections in major cities around the world and hold a privileged network of investment banks and brokers with prominent local presence in different financial markets.
As such we aim to bring a global perspective to the evaluation of investment opportunities in local markets. UGI has proven experience of looking after the investment needs of corporations and individuals and is highly skilled at structuring a range of portfolios from low risk fixed income investment to a higher risk portfolio that focuses on capital growth. We will work with investors to select and implement an investment strategy that suits their own objectives and we will help our clients construct an appropriate benchmark.
We shall produce and coordinate a detailed investment proposal, quarterly valuations, and regular reviews for our clients as to form a complete offering in the investment advisory service area.
Fund Management
UGI aims to manage assets for banks, institutions, family offices and private individuals.
As an active manager, UGI believes in the potential to gain a competitive advantage from in-house research which will translate into superior investment performance through disciplined portfolio construction. We believe that internal analysis of companies and markets is paramount when identifying attractive investment opportunities. We have local connections in major financial cities and rely on our privileged access to a network of investment banks and local partners. As such we stand to leverage on the extensive research knowledge offered by prominent investment banks on one hand and the highly important local expertise and information flows from our local connections and partners.
With a main focus in the Greater China and Asia Pacific Region, we aim to achieve capital appreciation by investing primarily in companies which have substantial business interests in the area, and which are currently undervalued but may have long-term potential for gains. We may also focus on investing in companies, typically with a small market capitalization and which do not attract research coverage by major international institutional investors.
Alternative Investment
Alternative investments offer
1) a low correlation with traditional asset classes,
2) a lower risk/volatility of returns and
3) a potential of high absolute returns regardless of market direction.
The part played by this asset class in asset allocation strategies looks set to grow in the decades ahead. Today, a flourishing community of private and institutional investors looks to established managers capable of delivering superior risk-adjusted performance whether the markets are rising or falling.
UGI is renowned for its cutting-edge approach to product development. Our professionals are drawn from various academic backgrounds and share a wealth of investment experience. The ability to effectively combine expertise in different disciplines, particularly finance and investment banking, law and mathematics, contributes significantly to UGI’s ability to provide powerful and comprehensive product and solution structuring services to clients.
The product and solution structuring team builds on the investment content and portfolio construction skills of UGI’s core investment managers by applying its skills in consulting and assessment, financial engineering, legal structuring, product management, financing, liquidity management and performance analysis. The driving force for our continual innovation in the area of structured products and solutions is our commitment to provide complete services in the context of a constantly changing fiscal, legal, accounting and investment environment, both globally and locally. Through joint ventures and marketing partnerships, we are also able to provide ‘private labelling’ services for customized products. The attraction of these products is reinforced by our risk management experience and ability to supplement investors’ capital in order to improve return potential within the target risk range.
In their simplest form, structured products transform an exposure to an underlying portfolio or instrument into a security or listed instrument. In creating these portfolios, we are able to offer exposure to investment strategies that may otherwise be relatively inaccessible or even closed to other investors. In addition to a tailor-made risk profile, the bulk of structured offerings in the hedge fund asset class provide principal protection in the form of capital guarantees, meaning have a fixed life to maturity, and also offer monthly liquidity.